Thursday, June 19, 2008

Like This Is Shocking At All

More shocking details about a new Britney Spears expose have come out as biographer Ian Halperin continues to talk to the media about his investigation of the pop star.

Halperin spent 18 months as an undercover paparazzi getting close to Spears and her inner circle of managers and friends, and now plans to release a book full of his findings.

After telling U.S. magazine of the singer's two apparent suicide attempts, which he'll write about in the book, Halperin claims the Toxic singer's problems were fueled by drugs and the company she keeps.

The award-winning journalist says, "I saw a lot. I partied with her and was able to really monitor what type of stuff she was using. It's very concerning.

"(But) the book is mainly about her handlers, how sleazy and destructive they are toward her. The people around her are like vultures."

Halperin insists his book won't be a hatchet job on a troubled star - he witnessed enough to make him realise that Spears is basically a good person: "She's actually a very caring mom."

But he worries she's in danger of suffering a "catastrophic relapse" of her bipolar issues.

He tells Life + Style, "Britney herself warned me that with her, it's always two steps forward, one step back."


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