Monday, July 07, 2008

Amy Wino Has A New Boytoy

With her wedding ring nowhere to be seen, Amy Winehouse had yet another eventful weekend that ended with a cab ride home with a new mystery man.

Winehouse exited her place around 12am with two bodyguards - taking a ten minute walk to the Camden Stables Market, where she stayed until 1:30am. Accompanied by her gentleman friend (whom she lovingly hugged and held hands with), Amy then popped into the Monarch pub along the Chalk Farm Road to visit friends inside, followed by a bite to eat at the popular Marathon kebab bar.

Our insider tells, “On her way into the kebab shop, Amy, with force, pushed a guy away from the door because he was blocking her path. She later departed the kebab shop around 2:30am, and hailed a cab to take her and her male companion back home.”

I have stated many times my immense hatred of that user druggie Blake Fielder-Civil. Nonetheless, I truly do not believe Amy will be leaving him anytime soon. At least this man looks hygienic.


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