Thursday, July 24, 2008

Only Prince Crackhead Will Think Of This

In a case of reporting news, we’re not even sure we fully understand, rumor has it that troubled rocker Pete Doherty, who is rumored to be trying his darndest to win back the love and affections of former girlfriend Kate Moss, is set to turn his dead cat into a diamond ring for the supermodel. What’s that you say? You weren’t aware that dead cats could be turned into diamonds? As we said, we too aren’t fully sure that we understand.

At least Pete Doherty is smart enough to know he can’t go about the turning-cat-into-ring business on his own. Doherty has reportedly commissioned the ring from the US company LifeGem to help him trade in the ashes of the cat for something much more worthwhile.

The former female cat in question is Shelley, and according to The Daily Star, Shelley was Kate Moss’s favorite cat back when she and Pete Doherty were still living the unsavory life together. Now that Kate Moss is reported to be on the outs with boyfriend Jamie Hince of The Kills, Pete Doherty is apparently hoping that the gift will really do the trick in bringing Moss back around his way.

We guess Pete Doherty just isn’t the boombox-over-the-head kind of guy. But isn’t he a musician? Can’t he just sing her a song?

Kate is apparently on the outs with Hince because she feels he spends too much time with his bandmate Alison Mosshart. A source spoke to News of the World about Kate Moss- who is known for having a jealous temper- and her feelings on the matter. Said the source, “Kate was upset with Jamie because he often doesn’t pick up his phone when he’s with her. Kate shouted at him that he has a closeness with her that they don’t have."

If all goes as Doherty hopes, Kate Moss will soon be more concerned with her closeness to him- and poor Shelley, to care who Jamie Hince spends his time with.


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