Friday, July 25, 2008

Prince And Princess Douchebags Does A Photo-Op Yet Again

Heidi and Spencer love to take everyday events and turn them into photo shoots so fucking retarded, you'll swear you've been huffing paint all morning. Here some hapless realtor is forced to take part in their shenanigans. But, then again, this man has no soul because he later lied to TMZ about Mr. and Mrs. Cockweasel's real estate potential:

So we thought it was a big publicity stunt, until we called the realtor who showed the property. Sandro Dazzan says they're "serious buyers," although he doesn't think they'll pull the trigger right away. Dazzan stunned us when he said they can afford the $12 million beach house right now, but that they're "at least six months" out from being able to afford the bigger house.

Serious buyers who won't pull the trigger. Interesting, Sandro. So, basically, Heidi showed you her boobs, and you agreed to pretend they've got money? Unless a commission shot out of her nipples, congratulations, you're an idiot. The only way these two can buy a house is if you let them pay in forced smiles and chin wax.

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