Monday, August 25, 2008

John Mayer Is Missing The Papas

You know that gaping whole in John Mayer’s heart, the one in the space Jennifer Aniston used to occupy? Mayer has found something to fill it, and it’s not another lady — it’s the paparazzi. The only problem: Mayer’s relationship with the shooters is a one-way street. Mayer might love the attention he gets, but the paps aren’t interested in him now that he’s no longer with Aniston.

“He thinks he’s famous as Jen now. Last week he went to a party, tipped off the paps, and even had decoy cars at the ready when he was leaving,” says one paparazzo. “Nice, but no one bothered to follow them, which made John think he ‘lost’ everyone, when really no one bothered to follow him.”

Considering how accessible Mayer often makes himself to reporters, bloggers and paparazzi, news that Mayer’s world is no longer a wonderland for the masses might not make sense at first. As it turns out, the explanation is simple: Mayer simply doesn’t sell now that he and Aniston have gone separate ways. According to one paparazzo source, “Pictures of him and Jen were selling for $20,000 at one point. A picture of him alone gets $200 now. Chasing him from his apartment to Nobu is hardly worth it.”


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