Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wentworth Miller Talks About....

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- "Prison Break" star Wentworth Miller has earned more than a few female fans in two seasons of the Fox series as Michael Scofield, a convict on the run. But he doesn't think of himself as a sex object, he told Parade.
"I don't look at myself that way," he told the mag. "I'm not a party guy. I'd rather be at home having dinner with friends and watching TV or playing games. But it's fine if they think I'm that guy I play."

Still, he admitted that playing Michael has changed him.

"I never quite leave Michael behind," he said. "I'm a workaholic and have always been. I'm always thinking about him even when I'm not on set."

One thing he was happy to leave behind was Michael's tattoo - a map of how to escape from prison that he wore on the first season.
"I think it was the most ambitious fake tattoo ever attempted for TV or film," he said. "But then Michael escaped -- mission accomplished. Suddenly it was just something that didn't need to be shown anymore. That resulted in me in Dallas last season in 120-degree heat wearing long sleeve shirts because we were still pretending that I actually had the damn thing on. But it's better than having to sit in the make-up chair for four hours to get tattooed."

Wentworth's success has left some wondering if he'll make the leap to the big screen, but he says he's not ready to break out of television just yet.
"I don't believe that TV is some kind of stepping stone to feature film. I think a lot of people in the business still believe that to be true," he said. "And I see a lot of my contemporaries on other TV shows racing to do ill-advised feature films during their hiatus and it's a mistake anyone can make and I'll probably make it myself, but I want to postpone that day if I can."


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