Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jayden Allergic To Fried Chicken...

.... and all white trash people are crying NO!!!!!!!! Well there's still SPAM and Cheetos....

Britney Spears' son Jayden James' recent hospitalisation was down to an allergic reaction to fried chicken, doctors believe.

The two-year-old tot - who was rushed to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center in Kentwood, Louisiana, on Sunday (09.11.08) after suffering a suspected seizure and going into a "vague and unresponsive state" - had eaten the food from a nearby takeaway establishment an hour before falling ill.

While he was at the medical centre, doctors performed a variety of tests on Jayden in a bid to discover what had caused the terrifying reaction.

A statement posted on Britney's website yesterday (11.11.08) read: "Doctors concluded he had a reaction to something he ingested."

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