Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dirty Sexy Money Cancelled????

Billy Baldwin did an interview with PopWrap where he said that since ABC informed them "Dirty Sexy Money" was getting canceled while they were in the middle of filming the last scheduled episode, there is no resolution to the million lose plot threads they left hanging!!!

"Who killed Dutch? I don't know," Billy said before revealing that he's a wee bit jealous and slightly delusional!

PopWrap: I never thought the ratings were low enough to warrant cancellation
Billy: It's interesting because my brother's show [Alec Baldwin & "30 Rock"] had horrible numbers but it got all these awards and now [in the third season] their numbers are near where ours are. But we're getting canceled while Jeff Zucker [President of NBC] is telling my brother, "We're feeling much better about the show's future" despite our numbers still being better than theirs. It's momentum.

PopWrap: If ABC holds the three episodes and brings the series back in April or something, you'd be cool to come back?
Billy: Part of me feels like if they ordered the back nine [episodes] and the network changed our night and aired the episodes without interruption and still saw a ratings decline, then I would feel like we got our fair shot. But that's kind of an awkward thing to say since ABC has shown us a lot of love and support and patience. Not like we f****d up, but because of the strike. We have this great concept --"Dynasty" on steroids -- great writers, a great crew and one of the best casts on TV right now, if not one of the best ensembles of all time."


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