Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Gay Mafia" Made Clay Aiken Gay!!!!!

'Gay Mafia' Made Clay Aiken Gay, Says Apparent Cat Lady

"American Idol" winner Clay Aiken only became gay because "the gay mafia" made him, said a "whacked-out" commentor on a recent blog post.

The "Pop Life" blog over at has a unique reader named "BibleBanginBeulah" and as of late, this person posted some hateful comments about the homosexual community "turning Clay Aiken" gay. Yeah, that's it, he up and choose to be chastised by the world. Check out the quote:

"The Gay Mafia consists of Perez Hilton, Michael Musto, Rosie O'Donnell, Kathy Griffin, Lance Bass, and several other Hollywood homosexuals who believe that any man who is not a tough macho man MUST be g*y like they are, and therefore he must be outed at any cost. So they saw Clay and made up stories. Of course, all of the jealous haters, the fans of other less-successful Idol contestants, jumped on the bandwagon and made up stories of their own, which they fed to the tabloids and to Page Six.

Finally Clay, that poor naive innocent young man, saw so many of these stories about himself that it became a self-fulfilling prophecy and he began to believe it was true. Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth. The Gay Mafia were behind the story by that horrific John Paulus, who claimed to have slept with Clay but never did. As for how they roll? The men roll in pink polka-dot Speedos (which is GROSS for Perez and Musto). The women roll in their own hatred. WE WILL SAVE YOU, CLAY!!!! Then you can marry one of us nice older women who know how to treat you right!"

Wow, this story smells of Parliment cigarettes, litter boxes and loneliness. Eek



Anonymous said...

LOL You fell for a spoof. Even the NY Post printed a disclaimer at the end of the article. It was obviously not written by a fan.

NY Post:
"UPDATE: Apparently this was someone's lame attempt at a joke. A supposed fan of Clay posted this comment as a fake user, which I find strangely funny ... and not at all normal behavior of a "fan." Either way, it still reeks of loneliness."

Anonymous said...

The New York Post updated their story showing that this was not true. It was a spoof. You should update yours too.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to be a big enough person to tell everyone this is a spoof? Or allow it to stand because you can't admit you got taken in?