Friday, January 30, 2009

Princess Crackhead Just Can't Win

Ah, man. The Winehouse just can't win. It's like she's constantly the star of her own country song. She's bare-footed, broken-hearted, the bars won't serve her kind, but she smokes it all away with scraped resin tears. Or something like that.

Well, now we can add "just robbed" to the list. Even though she's still on her never-ending holiday in St. Lucia, Amy had plans to return to London this weekend to work on that imaginary third album (which is turning into her verison of Chinese Democracy).

Someone who doesn't like her much (Blaaaaaake's blokes?) broke into her flat and stole
£15,000 worth of loot. The bandits made away with a flat screen TV, digital recording equipment and five guitars. Five guitars!
"Amy is devastated. Some of the guitars are irreplaceable due to their sentimental value. The flat is in a real state. It had been cleaned up in preparation for her return. Now she will have to start from scratch to replace what has been stolen."


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