Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because He's My Boo....

James McAvoy, Nigel Harman and Lyndsey Marshal begin performances in a new production of Richard Greenberg's Three Days of Rain at the Apollo Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue Jan. 30 prior to an official opening Feb. 10.

The production is currently booking for performances to May 9, and is directed by Jamie Lloyd.

In the play, Walker Janeway (James McAvoy) and his sister Nan (Marshal) reunite for the reading of their father's will in the Manhattan loft where he lived. A wealthy architect, Ned's legacy is the iconic, internationally renowned 1960s New York house designed with his late business partner Theo. Joined by Theo's son Pip (Nigel Harman), the three childhood friends meet to settle the estate and determine the future of the house. The discovery of a brief entry, "three days of rain," in Ned's diary is the only clue to the true stories of the previous generation. According to press materials, the play "explores how the private worlds of one generation are reinterpreted by the next. A tender and surprising story of love lies at the heart of a creative conflict that could never have been imagined by these children. The actors play both generations in this humorous and touching play about family and the enigma of parenthood."


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