Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Gayken Is A Free Agent????

Worried Claymates are noticing the same indicators that preceeded official announcements in the dropping of other past idols.

Firstly, on RCA’s website, Clay Aiken has now been demoted to the same degree as other previously dropped idols (Blake Lewis, Katharine McPhee, etc.) including the deletion of all his press material.

Were that not enough, the American Idol reject’s RCA artist page and message board has now been deleted and the URL redirected to the non RCA owned fanclub.

Meanwhile, in recent RCA Grammy-oriented press materials, Clay is now left off the standard listing of their artists that closes every release.

And finally, at the recent huge Disney World opening for the American Idol Experience, Clay was conspicuously absent.

We now wait for the official announcement. Clay Aiken is a free agent!

Faded Youth

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