Friday, February 20, 2009

Madonna 'Loves' Jesus

Brand new Kabbahalist Jesus will get to off his shiny red string this Sunday, because he will be Vadge's official guest at Vanity Fair's Oscar party. Oh, Vadge. Still making everything about her. Yes, the attention whore dildo is still perfectly wedged in her roidy cooch and shows no signs of ever moving.

OK! Magazine says Vadge and her child have been planning their coming out party all week. A source said, "Madonna is planning on using the Vanity Fair party to introduce Jesus to the world as her new boyfriend, and she wants everything to be perfect!"

Why stop at just bringing him to the party? If Vadge really wants all cameras on her new baby, she should go even further. Vadge should come as a pregnant Virgin Mary and a naked Jesus can pop out of her snatch halfway down the red carpet. There's enough room in there for him to hang out in until it's time.

They can be wheeled in on a Vegas-themed manger with shirtless dancers dressed as farm animals grinding around them. You know the idea has crossed her mind....


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