Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jessica Had Her Revenge!!!

Now that Jessica’s reclaimed the figure that helped make her a star, there’s only one thing missing: an engagement ring!

The divorced country crooner is said to be upset that after more than a year of dating her Cowboys QB BF, Tony Romo, still hasn’t gotten down on bended knee and asked her to marry him.

“Jessica was really hoping that she was going to get an engagement ring,” a source close to Jess revealed in a clandestine interview with OK!. “She wanted one for Christmas, then she thought maybe New Year’s Eve. Her last hope was that Tony would propose on Valentine’s Day–but he didn’t.”

Jessica, 28, was overheard gripping about Tony’s alleged commitment phobia while dining with her marriedd sister, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, late last month.

“You know, I really thought he was going to make it happen this time. I thought he was ready to propose,” Jess told Ashlee, according to a friend. “I know Tony loves me, but I don’t know if he’ll ever propose.”

“Ashlee has always been the more realistic, more practical of the two sisters,” the insider tells OK!. “And Ashlee knows how much her sister wants to be married and have a baby of her own. But as wonderful as Tony is, he is not the marrying kind–probably not for years.”


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