Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Guy Ritchie Is Also An Asshole For Calling Madonna An "IT"

MADONNA has reportedly been sent 100 copies of the horror movie It after rumours ex-husband Guy Ritchie referred to her as "It".

The singer is said to have been inundated with DVDs of the horror film, based on the Stephen King book, following reports from Ritchie's friends that he uses "It" as an insult.

"She's received the packages at all of her addresses so she suspects they are from somebody she knows. And she is furious," a source said. Madonna has also received 50 copies of the novel by King, which is about a child murdering clown. "It's been said that Guy compared her to Pennywise the clown, the evil monster with the dodgy make-up," the source told Britain’s Daily Star. "But now her homes are full of reminders and she doesn’t know how to get rid of them."

Madonna and Ritchie announced they were divorcing last October after nearly eight years of marriage. Last week it was reported Ritchie used the offensive name even before the couple split. "Even towards the end of their marriage, he would call her 'It'. He told people, 'We can't make 'It' angry'. Or Guy would say, 'Oh, 'It' is in a bad mood today'. There is absolutely no love lost between them."


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