Thursday, March 26, 2009

Patron Saint Of The Gays On Twitters

Madonna is "glad" to be single & engaged in a twitter chat!

Madonna embraced cyber-space last night to tell fans how happy she is to be single since divorcing Guy Ritchie, taking over her manager Guy O'Seary's Twitter blog for the evening.

As one fan told her he was happy she was single as she made better music, she replied "NOT AS GLAD AS I AM! M.....".

here's the whole twitter chat

guyoseary:sitting here with madonna.. firstly she wants to say hello to all the iconers out there..

guyoseary:madonna wants to thank all of you that took the time to send in their thoughts for g-hits album. we will be online for the next 10 minutes

salonspotter : @guyoseary please tell M that we're all supporting her and to make sure this greatest hits is AWESOME!!! looking forward to it!

guyoseary: @salonspotter supporting me in every way??????????????... -M

nickfirth: @guyoseary hello madonna honey am glad you are single again - you made your best music as a single woman! yeehaw!

guyoseary: @nickfirth NOT AS GLAD AS I AM! M...............

ehoesch: @guyoseary please tell her I LOVE HER

guyoseary: @ehoesch I'm right here. Tell me yourself::::::::::::::::m


FutureModel: @guyoseary why do u respond to all of the weirdos & not normal people like me?!?! Um I take my time 2 say somethin to u

guyoseary: @FutureModel i don't distinguish between normal and weird. stop feeling sorry for yourself. what did you want to tell me??????????????? M.


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