Friday, March 06, 2009

Rihanna's Family Reacts to Charges

Just hours after Chris Brown was charged with two felonies – assault and making criminal threats – in the alleged beating of his girlfriend, Rihanna, one of the Barbados-born pop star's relatives tells PEOPLE, "It's about time."

"He should be in jail," Rihanna's relative says of Brown, 19, who faces up to four years and eight months in state prison. "He deserves whatever he gets."

Contacted in Barbados, Rihanna's father reacted with surprise and displeasure to detailed reports leaked earlier today about the alleged bloody assault on his daughter.

"I was annoyed. I never hit my daughter," says Ronald Fenty, 55. "Why should he hit her? Why would any one do that? I was crazy, but I don't know the situation and I wasn't there."

Rihanna, 21, and Brown have gotten back together since the incident, much to the dismay of her family. "No one wants them back together," the relative told PEOPLE on Monday. "I don't ever want her to go through this again."


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