Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Talk About Publicity.....

Brazilian model Jesus Luz, 22, has only been dating the 50-year-old singer for three months, but is adamant he is ready to start a family with her.

Jesus' ex-girlfriend Catharina Franca said: "He adores kids but he accepts they could not have children of their own, and is talking about the possibility of adopting with Madonna."

Madonna already has three children - biological daughter Lourdes, 12, son Rocco, eight, and adopted three-year-old son David from Malawi - and recently admitted she is considering adopting another child from Africa.

Jesus and Madonna met on a steamy shoot for W magazine in Brazil last year and have since become inseparable, with Jesus moving into Madonna's New York apartment and attending Kabbalah - a mystical off-shoot of Judaism - classes with her.

Catharina claims Jesus told her: "Madonna has an amazing body, is a sexy, kind person and a great mother. The difference in our ages means nothing. She looks like a 30-year-old and has a youthful personality to go with it. I love her and nothing else matters."

Catharina - who dated Jesus for 18 months - insists the model is serious about Madonna, and refuted claims he is dating her to try and up his profile.

She told Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper: "He's not with Madonna for her money or fame. He's with her because he loves her.

"They have a lot in common. They are both very into the way they look. Jesus can be very vain. If Madonna looked like a normal 50-year-old he wouldn't look twice at her."

Meanwhile, days after enjoying an intimate dinner date with supermodel Elle Macpherson, Madonna's estranged husband Guy Ritchie has been seen kissing a mystery woman in a private members' bar at London restaurant Quo Vadis.

A source said: "They were sitting on a couch near the fireplace and looked very intimate and were kissing at one point.

"They were acting very much like a couple. He had his hand on her leg most of the night. She was the prettiest woman in the bar."


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