Friday, April 24, 2009

Enough Already!!!!!

No doubt, the death of Jade Goody was a tragedy. A young mother dying from a preventable disease at the age of 27 and leaving behind two children is heartbreaking. But a grasping "death industry" has sprung up around her ever since her cancer was diagnosed.

And it's got worse since she died. Amazon is currently promoting and taking pre-orders for a (no doubt) hastily-assembled cash-in "memoir". Max Clifford and Jack Tweed and filling the papers with yet more rubbernecking 'revelations' about Jade. And as you may have read yesterday, in the bewildering race to the bottom, a musical about her life is being planned.

Jade's friend Danny Hayward has said that the musical could be ready to go within the next four months. It will tell the story of Jade's life and they are currently looking to cast the lead.

There is lots of talk about it being "what she would have wanted" and "keeping her memory alive", but this is surely pushing us into a new, terrifying low point as a society.


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