Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Is Finally Getting "Butlerized"

Jennifer Aniston is apparently letting 300 star Gerard Butler epically battle her vagina. The Sun reports:

The pair first got friendly at last year's Toronto film festival, "drinking champagne and talking", but because Jen was dating JOHN MAYER, nothing came of it.

But now she's single, Jen's reportedly keen on romancing the RocknRolla heartthrob and star alongside him in two upcoming movies.

The pair have reportedly been meeting up at the former Friends star's New York apartment.

How awesome must it be to go from John Mayer to Gerard Butler? Finally, a real man who will pour whiskey into her until she stops calling him Brad. Unlike John Mayer who just sobbed quietly, put the blonde wig on and dreamed of Twittering by candlelight. *sigh*

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