Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Like DUH!!!!

Here's a massive surprise. John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston's ex (at the moment, but as they've split up several hundred times before then you never know) has revealed that the actress was a bit 'clingy' at times in their relationship.

Never saw that one coming. He could have also used the words 'needy', 'desperate' and 'obsessed with Brad Pitt and obsessed with having a child of her own', but 'clingy' will have to do. To be fair, it is the National Enquirer reporting the story, so you could take it with a bucket full of salt but there is a ring of truth, despite the un-named 'source' they have quoted (also known as 'the bored and lazy reporter who is fond of making up quotes').

"John's been recording in a studio and coming on to almost every woman in the vicinity. He goes on and on to these women about how clingy and needy Jen is. He says that when they got back together after their first break-up last August, it was agreed she would back off on the smothering…When someone tries to change the subject, he goes back to Jennifer, claiming she was so emotionally dependent and demanding that he couldn't take it."

It's hard to decide who sounds more horrible - Jennifer and her whining or John, desperately trying to pick up women by saying 'Hey, I used to go out with Jennifer Aniston. Did you know that? Man, she was so clingy! Now I'm just looking for some no-strings fun. Did I mention I used to go out with Jennifer Aniston?'


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