Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sean Penn Files For Divorce

It's probably a safe bet to say that Sean Penn and Robin Wright don't share the happiest marriage in Hollywood, bearing in mind they've just filed for divorce for the third time in a year and a half. Let's just hope they see the job through this time, because it's all getting a bit boring.

Sean, recently linked with Lindsay Lohan so a man clearly short on joie de vivre, first filed for divorce in December 2007 then changed his mind after a few days and dropped the action. Not to be outdone, Robin then commenced divorce proceedings a few days later. After a few months of staring each other down they finally admitted that they were as madly in love as ever and called off the lawyers in April 2008.

It was clear that all was not well when Sean won the Oscar for 'Milk' and pointedly thanked everyone in the world (some of them twice) apart from his wife, who was sitting in the audience and grinning with her mouth but hating with her eyes. Sean explained it away by saying he didn't want to distract people and wanted to keep the 'focus on the movie', despite the fact his wife was so angry she could barely focus her own eyes.

Last Friday Sean finally thought 'fuck it' and went through the 'L' section of Yellow Pages, filing for 'legal separation with children' which I hope means he wants custody of the kids rather than anything more sinister.This divorce is doomed, doomed I tells yer! I give it six months and they'll be back together more loved up than ever. Or they might have killed each other.


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