Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ryan O'Neal Wants To Exploit Farrah Fawcett Just A little More

Ryan O'Neal has not had this much camera time since the last time he got arrested for drugs. He is loving the attention Farrah Fawcett's condition is bringing him. He is loving it so much that they are filming Farrah as we speak so they can show another installment of her fight against cancer. I'm sure that if and when Farrah passes away, Ryan will be right there with a camera in hand with Alana Stewart standing right next to him making sure he gets the right shot. Enough already. Why do we need more? Why do we need Ryan O'Neal calling in to the Today Show to tell us all of this? Oh yeah. NBC showed the first part, and was number one in its time slot. OK, so NBC wants more also. Nothing like death to get those numbers up.

Oh, and remember how a few weeks ago, Farrah didn't even know Redmond was in shackles when he came to visit? How she was so out of it she had no clue he was in jail or wearing his prison jumpsuit to visit her? OK, so then how do you explain this quote from Alana Stewart about Farrah watching the special?

"I was a little nervous. She cried a few times. It was quite emotional for her. When it was over [I asked her], 'OK, so did you like it?'"

Fawcett apparently responded "very much".

Uh huh. So, Farrah stayed awake through the entire two hours? Uh huh. She was probably crying because she couldn't believe Alana wanted to be paid double to keep filming her dear friend. I hate the lot of them.


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