Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beyonce Is A Lazy Bitch With Too Much Money

In one of the greatest LA movies of all time, LA Story, there is a classic scene in which Steve Martin goes to see his friend. She lives about two houses down from him. Instead of walking to see her though, he gets in his car and drives the 100 or so feet. I never thought I would see someone actually do that in person. I was wrong.

Take a look at this picture from The Daily Mail. Yesterday Beyonce was at her hotel and wanted to go to the store across the street. Everyone on this planet including world leaders and even Oprah would have walked across the street. Not Beyonce though. Nope. Instead Beyonce and her bodyguards and two cars went up the street five feet, and then made a u-turn and parked in front of the store.

Now you could say that maybe they were planning on going somewhere else and then she changed her mind and so they made a u-turn. That would be believable except for the fact they did the same exact procedure when they left the store. Prior to leaving her hotel, her two SUV's idled outside the hotel for about 20 minutes and then while she was in the store they idled for about 20 minutes.

I understand Beyonce thinks she is better than any human being on the planet. I understand she is trying to be the biggest diva on the planet, but this is beyond any kind of ridiculous that anyone could dream up. I'm surprised she didn't make them carry her from her hotel room down to the car and then again when she got out in front of the store. I'm also surprised they didn't carry her around the store while she shopped all the while bowing at her feet.

At what point in your life do you get like this? Even Mariah and Aretha Franklin would have walked.


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