Monday, June 01, 2009

Dance, Cash Cow, Dance!!!!!

Britney's magically made it through the North American leg of her Circus tour, and next week our girl B's being schlepped across the Atlantic for her European dates. She's got her cute kiddos with her, her concerts are selling out, and she's getting fitter (sort of) while ex K-Fed's only getting fatter! Everything's coming up roses for Brit-Brit, n'est-ce pas?


Severe mental and emotional problems aren't solved with hit tours and fab figures. Those close to the pop tart tell us the god-honest truth about how B.S.'s propagated happiness nowadays is total B.S.…

"It's a freak show right now," dish sources supertight with the Circus tour. (As self-plugging as that criticism is referencing one of Brit's own tunes, it's still less obvious than saying she's "toxic.") And the number one money-making freak, of course, is dancing monkey Brit at the center of it all.

"She's phoning every song in," continues the Spears compadre, who swears B was forced onto this tour way too soon after her pink-wig/pap-loving phase. "It's pretty obvious she is not happy to be here."

We can verify ourselves—we saw Spearsy yawn through her concert at the Staples Center here in L.A., and we were more into the performance than she was! In fact, the only time Britters looked half alive while on tour was when that superfan snuck onto the stage and startled her!

And who's to blame here? Like with most H'wood starlets, it's the parents!

Jamie Spears is using his darling daughter as his own personal bank. He's still in charge of B's moolah—everything she's already got, and every dime from every VIP seat she's making on this tour. "He might as well be saying ‘Dance, Cash Cow, dance!'" spits out the angry Spears amigo.

This ain't the first time we're hearing all about B's performance gloom, and with dozens more tour dates on the horizon, there's only more misery to come.


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