Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kate Moss Keeps The Cigarette Industry Afloat

Kate Moss insists on keeping 100 cigarettes nearby at all times.

The supermodel - who is dating The Kills rocker Jamie Hince - loves smoking so much she reportedly makes her personal assistant leave a packet of her favourite Marlboro Lights on every table in her home before she goes to bed.

"Kate has five coffee tables spread between her living room, kitchen, office and bedroom so that's a lot of cigarettes. She also has a special tennis ball with holes for cigarettes to stick out from so visitors can relax with a smoke," a source said.

The party-loving star also keeps her fridge stocked with at least two bottles of champagne and two bottles of vodka to ensure her guests have a good time.

However, friends are worried 35-year-old Kate's hard partying lifestyle is beginning to take its toll.

"The cigarettes are starting to show on Kate's face. She is apparently chain smoking more than ever now and gets through up to two packs a day," the insider added.

Kate's most recent wild night at her London home was a cocktail making and drinking evening with Not Fair singer Lily Allen.

"Kate and Lily each made up various cocktails and had a competition to see how many they could drink,” a source said.

Kate was crowned the winner at around 04:00 and is awaiting a mystery prize from the 23-year-old singer.


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