Monday, June 01, 2009

Madonna Takes Jesus For A Walk

Madonna and her family named boyfriend Jesus had a wander around New York yesterday and even managed to steal a quick kissy kiss. Were you the kind of person who got your freak on to that episode of Eastenders when Martin Kemp got slipped the tongue by his old mum? Well hold on to your hats...

On one hand it's a sweet picture of an old twice-divorced mother of three enjoying youthful love one last time in her twighlight years.

However, on the other hand it could also be seen as a creepy predatory older woman boning the life out of a young male model because she's rich and famous and he's dumb and star-struck. This is Hugh Hefner in reverse! Madonna is the female Hugh! Pugh!

Call me "Mr. Grumpy Doomygloomy esq" but if I were that guy's mother, I wouldn't be buying a hat just yet...


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