Thursday, June 11, 2009

Madonna To Meet Jesus' Family

Madonna is to meet her 22-year-old boyfriend's parents.

The 50-year-old singer wants to take her relationship with underwear model Jesus Luz to the next level and is planning to fly to Brazil to get to know his family.

A friend of the pop star told In Touch Weekly magazine: "Madonna is getting serious, so that's why she wants to meet his family. She has been growing closer to Jesus every day. The big age difference doesn't mean a thing to her."

But Jesus - who has been dating the 'Give It 2 Me' singer since late last year - seems far less willing to commit to his "friend" Madonna.

He said in a recent interview on Brazilian TV: "Madonna is a friend who has entered my life. I don't have plans of marrying her. I can't say if she is the girl of my life. She is a marvelous and nice person."

However, Jesus' father Luis Heitor Pinto da Luz recently revealed the couple is considering getting married in a special Kabbalah ceremony.

He also confirmed the couple are living together in New York with Madonna's three children, Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight and three-year-old David.

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