Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So Gay!!!!!

Please stand and clap with your ass cheeks for the newest member of The Glittery Gays of YouTube Club: Joe Jonas! Joe stuffed his purity balls and nut busting thighs of wonder into a leotard to stumble through Sasha Fierce's "Single Ladies." Yes, that meme was sent down to the basement with Solange a long time ago, but it's still mildly entertaining to watch Joe try not to be too queeny while wearing high heels. But I'm not sure if it works, because this is still making my no-no lick its lips. Yes, it has tongue, Yes, I have seen a specialist about this. Yes, it's doing that because of Joe Jonas'.....THIGHS. THIGHS. THIGHS. Thighs that could break your rib cage with one squeeze. Swoo-oon.

And you know Joe is totally holding back. Bitch knows the dance! He's just pretending like he doesn't. Come on, drop it like I know you can.


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