Monday, June 29, 2009

So Many Fake News Concerning Michael Jackson

Fake News #1

Headlines abound suggest a British tabloid claimed that Debbie Rowe, surrogate mother to Michael Jackson's two children, said the singer wasn't the father of his proposed children--and that she had no interest in obtaining custody of the kids.

Rowe's attorney, Marta Almli. exclusively tells, "The interview did not occur. The article is a complete fabrication."

Rowe was married to Michael and had two children with the pop star. She reportedly has never had a relationship with the children.

Almli said she was unable, at this point, to answer any further questions about actions Rowe would be taking in regards to the children.

Fake News # 2

Details from Michael Jackson's autopsy that appeared in The Sun are reportedly fake, according to TMZ. However, keep in mind this is like the National Enquirer calling Us Weekly a liar. Or vice versa.

That said, the supposedly fake report claims Michael was only 112 pounds, bald except for a tiny amount of peach fuzz and covered in surgical scars. Which is pretty much exactly what I'd imagine Michael Jackson's body would look like.


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