Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wannabe Angelina Jolie Is A Bitch And Allergic To Yellow Roses

In London last night, a young boy with pleading eyes tried to bestow a beautiful yellow rose upon Megan Fox, but she rejected him! That boy probably spent his ice cream money on that flower! Or maybe he's an orphan! Yeah, that's it. He threw porridge in the head mistress of the orphanage's face, escaped out the front door, stole a rose and then ran directly to Megan's hotel. He risked everything just to give her a rose and that slut broke his heart! Just like that.

In some of the pictures it even looks like she's acreaming "GOOOOO!!!! MOVE FASTER" to her bodyguards. Like she's trying to get away from the ball of sweetness! All he wanted was for her to take his rose.

Right after Megan murdered any hope he had left in this world, that urchin shuffled into an alley. He stared at the unwanted rose and suddenly felt hatred towards it for not being beautiful enough for Megan. So he ate the rose to rid it from his sight. The thorns cuts his vocal cords and now he's mute! He's a mute thanks to Megan Fox! Megan Fox is a monster!


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