Thursday, July 30, 2009

Custody Of Jackson Kids

Michael Jackson’s mother will get full custody of his three children, and Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of the two oldest children will get visitation rights but no additional money, NBC News learned Thursday.

As reported by NBC News’ Jeff Rossen, the children — Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael II, nicknamed Blanket — will live with Jackson’s 79-year-old mother, Katherine. Debbie Rowe will have visitation rights as the biological mother of the two oldest children. The identity of Blanket’s surrogate mother has never been revealed.

“Sources say, it was Debbie Rowe who decided the kids are better off staying with Katherine and the Jackson family,” Rossen reported. “Both sides will submit this deal to a judge on Monday morning for approval.”

Rossen also reported that Prince and Paris have been told that Rowe is their biological mother. Her initial visits with them will be attended by a child psychologist, Rossen reported.


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