Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MJ's Doctor Could Be In Deep Shit!!!!

The L.A. coroner's official toxicology report on Michael Jackson is due any day now and it may be what investigators need to charge his personal doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, with manslaughter. Dr. Murray has been the focus of a manslaughter investigation, because investigators believe that he's the one who gave Michael Jackson the deadly dose of Propofol. The police believe this, because apparently, Dr. Dumb Fuck admitted it two days after Michael's death. That's what TMZ claims anyway.

An LAPD source told them that Dr. Murray regularly gave Michael Propofol to help him sleep. And I thought I was hardcore by taking a Tylenol PM with a shot of whiskey to help me go off to dreamland.

The day Michael died, Dr. Murray gave him an IV drip of the powerful anesthesia. Dr. Murray did it without monitoring Michael by an EKG which apparently is a huge no-no in the medical community. The police source went on to say that they believe Dr. Murray even took a little nap while administering the drug. When he woke up, Michael was already dead from heart failure.

LAWD! Did Dr. Murray buy his license from the internet? I bet he graduated first in his class from Dr. Sandeep Kapoor's School of Medicine.

Dude is fucked. Hopefully.


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