Thursday, July 09, 2009

MJ's Memorial Cost $1 Million Says LAPD

The Los Angeles Police Department said today it spent about $1 million on overtime for officers and civilian personnel handling the Michael Jackson memorial.

The number is lower than the estimated $2.5 million the LAPD expected to pay for the event. The crowds were much smaller than anticipated, and the LAPD was able to release about 1,000 officers of the 3,200-officer deployment early.

It's still unclear what the total costs for the city will be, including traffic control and street services. It's also unclear whether the sum includes LAPD crowd control at the Jackson family compound and Forest Lawn cemetery.

The city set up a website to ask for public donations to cover the city's costs for the funeral. Mayor's spokesman Matt Szabo said there have been computer problems and officials have not yet determined how much money people have donated.

Fans can contribute money to offset the costs at

Please be patient as a ton of ppl. are also accessing the website to donate $$$.


Los Angeles City Hall's website soliciting donations to help pay the city's costs for dealing with the Michael Jackson memorial has collected $17,000 but has been bedeviled by computer crashes.

Officials established the site to help defer the costs of policing and other public services needed for the Staples Center memorial. Officials are still tabulating the costs,but the LAPD said it spent at least $1 million. [Updated at 4:40 p.m.: The city places the total costs at $1.4 million].


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