Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Usher: The Kid Is Not My Son

It looks like the divorce between Usher and Tameka Foster is going to go down in history as your typical, hideous blood bath.

According to the National Enquirer, Usher has requested a DNA test for the younger son that he had allegedly fathered with Foster. According to one of those pesky “unnamed source” people, Usher believed that Tameka was cheating during the time that the child was conceived. Also, he travelled quite a bit for work, leaving little time for procreation.

"From the moment wife Tameka told him she was pregnant with 6-month-old Naviyd, the R&B singer was suspicious, reveals insiders. “The first thing Usher said was, ‘How did this happen?’ - because he was gone a lot, and their sex life was very, very limited,” revealed a friend of the star. Now pals are urging Usher to determine paternity with a DNA test, reveals a source. “People have been telling him that around the time the little boy was conceived, Tameka got together with another man.”

Usher loves both his sons and is going to fight for custody, divulged his friend. “But he’s determined to get truthful answers.” Meanwhile, Tameka is fighting back hard - charging that 30-year-old Usher has been playing around, revealed an insider.

“Tameka also insists that Usher is Naviyd’s father. She says that although they weren’t spending much time together, they did get together for one night of passion. And that’s when she got pregnant.”… By the time Naviyd was born this past December, the couple was reportedly already separated. “now the war is truly on,” said the insider."


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