Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ryan O'Neal Is Sick

RYAN O’NEAL’s son GRIFFIN has launched a blistering attack on his estranged father, alleging the actor was angry with late partner FARRAH FAWCETT for having cancer because it "diverted attention" away from him.

The 44-year-old actor, whose mother was late actress Joanna Moore, believes the Love Story star used his battle with leukaemia for sympathy after he was diagnosed with the deadly illness in 2001.
And Griffin insists his dad was furious when his partner Farrah Fawcett was struck down with anal cancer in 2006 because it shifted attention from him.

Speaking to U.S. talk show host Larry King, Griffin recalls, "I remember when she was diagnosed with cancer and my dad got upset and he goes, ‘No, I’m dying. You’re not dying. I’m dying.’ And I said, ‘Well, dad, that sounds a little selfish because you’re in remission. You have been in remission for years now.’" Host King then asked Griffin to clarify the statement, asking if the elder O’Neal was "mad" at the Charlie’s Angels actress for "having cancer", to which he replied, "Yes, because the attention was diverted to Farrah. He didn’t like that. (He’s an) absolute complete narcissist in every way." Griffin went on to accuse his father of staying with Fawcett in the last days of her life to ensure he was included in her will.

And he predicts that Ryan will now cling to his son Redmond, his only child with Fawcett, who the actress left her entire estate to.
Griffin adds, "I think they (Ryan and Redmond) are probably going to get a lot closer now, since Redmond has all the money. Yes, they are close but for reasons that are ill. Ill reasons."


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