Friday, August 14, 2009

Watch Out Boston!!!

She was just supposed to be there for one round of auditions, but it seems that Victoria Beckham will be filling the fourth American Idol judge seat for a little while longer.

According to reports, the former Spice Girl was in Boston to judge the callbacks for contestants who were invited back for another round. Some have described her as "icy and wooden" but I guess that the people over at American Idol just don't seem to care.

Last week Posh Spice confessed to being nervous about judging, but also excited to see how her banter with judge Simon Cowell would go. Obviously it won't be as much fun as watching Paula Abdul and Simon trying to communicate, but I still think it's probably a little bit entertaining.

American Idol doesn't return for its ninth season until January, but you can be sure that we're gonna be getting constant Idol updates until then. I wonder who they're gonna get as their next celebrity judge? What if Victoria becomes like their permanent new judge? That would be crazy!


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