Friday, June 27, 2008

Bye Bye JC Chasez, Hello Ed Westwick!!!!!!

Something fishy is going on!

We've been contacted by entertainment reporters - within days of each other - from the NY Post and the NY Daily News.
They both wanted to share a juicy piece of info - too juicy to print, they said.

Seems like on-set sources, which the pubs tell us are reliable, have told each paper that Chace Crawford and Gossip Girl co-star and real-life roommate Ed Westwick are in a relationship and not trying to hide it, at least on set.

BOTH NY papers tell us that Chace and Ed were recently seen kissing, open-mouthed on set.

Very interesting!

The Post and Daily News both declined to publish this item because they don't like to "out" people.

Uh huh. We find that quite hypocritical, as both papers have had no problem talking about Lindsay Lohan's relationship with saMAN Ronson.


Are Chace and Ed dating????

Well, it's either true or someone(s) is/are trying to spread rumors to both New York papers about the Gossip Girl co-stars.

We hope it's true - they'd be a hot couple!


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