Wednesday, June 25, 2008

David Hasselholf Has Delusion Of Grandeur

For some strange reason, I suspect that David Hasselholf is full of himself.... reminds me of a quote... "He's a self-made man and he worships his creator."

David Hasselhoff has hit out at TV bosses for bringing back his hit show Knight Rider without him.

The actor insists the new incarnation is doomed to fail without his star name attached.

Bitter Hasselhoff, who played Michael Knight on TV from 1982 to 1986, says, “It’s going to miss the target a little bit… It’s like have Indiana Jones without Indiana Jones.”

Hasselhoff recently told WENN he’ll have nothing to do with the TV series because producers ignored his ideas for the project’s hit pilot and ousted him as a guest star.

Hasselhoff claims he came up with the idea of reviving the franchise and even presented TV bosses with a plot treatment for the show.

But when producers decided to take a different direction for the TV pilot, which aired in America earlier this year, and cut Hasselhoff out, the Baywatch creator decided he wanted nothing to do with the new Knight Rider.

He revealed, “They asked me to come in and do a cameo and promote it and I said I would. But it was not what I had in mind. I didn’t get a chance to see the show until the final product and it was clearly not what it could’ve been. It was someone else’s vision.”


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