Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gay Or Not Gay.... Whatever

This (Yesterday) morning's Daily News blind item—on a divorced comic star exploring a "groovy" new persona as an openly gay man—was as obvious as they get. Some of you commenters told us that the guy we were all guessing, Mike Myers, star of the "groovy baby" catchphrase-apalooza Austin Powers films and the current dud The Love Guru, has been out 'n proud in Toronto for years. Fair enough. We're not sure why it is that the Daily News would bother featuring this as a "blind item" only to use such dead giveaway clues, other than that they it would be too gauche to "out" Myers, um, outright. Seems like a bit of nasty piling-on to Myer's already miserable Love Guru bomb of a weekend.


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