Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wonky McValtrex Resurfaced

Just when you thought the Skank has left the world for good, she appears.... Ugh!!!!!

Paris Hilton hosted a masquerade ball at the Kress in Hollywood last night to celebrate her upcoming reality show, My New BFF.

But it seems that the heiress has already found a new BFF — her boyfriend and resident hip attachment Benji Madden, who escorted the entire night.

A masked and newly blonde Nicky Hilton joined her big sister.

During the party, Paris told reporters about her new reality show and repeatedly mentioned that she is not only the star but also the producer.

It would almost appear as if Paris may have actually turned over a new leaf after her summer in the slammer.

C’mon, girl — you’ve still got half a year to up your game!!

Faded Youth

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