Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Douchebag To Return Brit Brit Sex Tapes???

Kevin "Douchebag" Federline has agreed to return sex tapes he made with Brit Brit and be lenient child visitation, if the Brit Brit will hook him up and help make him a star!!!!

A Star Magazine insider says:

“On the condition she return the favor by hooking him up wit showbiz contacts, Kevin agreed to keep the racy tapes they made together locked away-and he may even turn them over to her in the future…..He’s also promised to be more flexible about accommodating Britney’s schedule with Sean and Jayden…He’s talking about letting her take a supervised trip with the boys.”

I'm sure this is BS given that the douchebag knows he can make more money blackmailing Brit Brit or selling the tapes....


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