Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Here's What Balthazar Getty Has To Say About The Supposedly Affair....

Someone finally tracked down Balthazar Getty to ask him about his affair with Sienna Miller. Well like every guy on the entire face of the planet and throughout the solar system who is directly confronted about such a topic, he denied it. The funny thing is that his denial was so weak and so lame that he was probably either laughing inside or knew that it sounded weak and pathetic like his brain.

"It's not true. No truth to any of that."

That's all he said. Then he ran away with his head between his legs, caught up to Sienna at the Chateau Marmont and had sex with her again. Look, lets pretend that you are innocent in all of this and full of love for your wife and your four kids, including an 8 month old. Lets throw in the fact that you have Getty money. Don't you think that perhaps some letters from your legal team to the parties involved would be a great first step. I mean if anything is going to damage a reputation, this is it. Instead, crickets. Verne Troyer suing for $20M because a sex tape damaged his reputation. Please, just show the jury that whole season of the Surreal Life and they will throw out his case. But a guy having an affair who has four kids at home. Name dragged through the mud. That is a reputation at stake.

You want to be known as the guy who left your wife and 4 kids for Sienna Miller? Sienna Miller who already has her clothes off before she shakes your hand to meet you? How do you explain the wife and kids leaving home and not coming back? For Sienna Miller? If I was his wife I would be disgusted not with the fact that he had an affair but that he thought Sienna Miller was better or more worthy. F**k me.

Balthazar, you are screwed.


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