Thursday, July 24, 2008

More On Christian Bale And Batman Craziness

In what should come as a shock to absolutely no one, PETA announced that it is upset with The Dark Knight because of a short scene in which Batman beats a few dogs in self-defense. PETA obviously has nothing better to complain about.

But to really show Batman the error of his ways, the animal rights organization removed him from its list of Top 10 Animal-Friendly Superheroes. Ouch. There’s also some great lines in the rant: “They didn’t need to make Batman into a dogphobic man!” True poetry. Then PETA asks, “Doesn’t the man with the James Bond gadgets know anything about peanut butter treats and deflecting devices?” Um, PETA? Did you even see the movie or are you simply unaware of how dumb you sound?


Speaking of temper, Christian Bale is honest about his.

And Bale said: “Everyone loses their sh** on occasions, don’t they? Like, ‘Oh God, what demon possessed me to do that?’”

He admits he can be hard to live — and work — with.

Bale said: “My wife gets to live with a variety of men. Some of them she likes, some of them she doesn’t.

“There are ones people like and others that they say, ‘Man we’re glad you’re finished with that project. You were an asshole.”

And by the way, I don't think he was at fault with whatever happened between him , his mom and sister.... I like this guy. I think he's decent and honorable and would not do anything otherwise plus he would have admitted it already if he was at fault.

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