Tuesday, July 01, 2008

No Divorce For Madonna and Sienna Miller Is A Trashy Homewrecker Again

There will be no divorce if Guy Ritchie's mother has anything to say about it. And she doesn't.

It was a busy weekend for a couple of couples across the pond: Madonna and Guy Ritchie, and Sienna Miller and her married millionaire man.

First up, big news in Madonna's divorce: it's not happening. Guy Ritchie's mum, Lady Amber Leighton, told the UK's Sunday Telegraph that rumours of her son and Madonna's impending split are "total fiction." Last week, the 49-year-old queen of pop was reported to have met with Sir Paul McCartney's divorce lawyer, making the Madge-and-Guy rumour windmill spin fast enough to power London for a month.

Were the power pair sleeping in separate rooms? Was Guy feeling the seven-year itch, or just tired of being Mr. Madge? Was Madonna giving her husband four minutes to save the marriage? Not so, says Lady Leighton. "There's no conversation about divorce because there is no divorce," she told the Telegraph.

Hear that, Madonna? There. Is. No. Divorce. Call your spokeswoman. Cancel your fancy lawyer meetings. You may be the world's most iconic blonde and hottest half-centurion, but even megastars don't mess with mother-in-laws.

And for Sienna Miller, it's quite the role reversal in the cheating game, as Oh No They Didn't reports that Jude Law's ex is now playing nanny (so to speak) with married oil tycoon Balthazar Getty. The website has photos of the two meeting covertly at restaurants and hotels around L.A., including the Chateau Marmont, where a witness said there was "no escaping" that Miller and Getty are a hot item.

The homewrecked becomes the homewrecker? Well, you know what they say about karma--and Getty's wife, having reportedly left with their four children, is probably saying it about Sienna too. The Edge of Love star was rumoured to be dating her co-star in the film, Matthew Rhys, but according to Oh No They Didn't, her friends say she's just using it as a smokescreen for her illicit affair with Getty. Some friends!

Slutty Sienna's pic from DListed

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