Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tommy Boy Sued!!!!

Tom Cruise is being sued for $11 million.

The 'Mission Impossible' star and his production company, United Artists, are being sued by 12 extras from his forthcoming movie 'Valkyrie'.

The extras claim they suffered broken bones, cuts and bruises during filming in Berlin last year when the side panel of a period German army truck flew open. All the extras were taken to hospital with injuries including broken ribs and pulled ligaments, with one kept in for observation for four days amid fears of more serious internal injuries.

Tom was not on set at the time.

A lawyer for the extras claims the side panel on the truck had not been properly secured when it opened.

Lawyer Ariane Bluttner said: "The studio knew the trucks were not safe. There had even been an internal memo about the railings.

"A new letter has been sent to Tom Cruise, his business partner Paula Wagner and United Artists, in which we set out the facts of the case again and put a figure on the legal demands of our clients of $11 million."

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