Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kate Hudson Is A HO!!!!

Was Kate Hudson really hitting on Alex Rodriguez in Miami during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show after-party?

Though the two seemed flirty the night before at a party for the relaunched Fontainebleau Hotel, the actress couldn’t seem to get a rise out of the third baseman at the hotel’s rocking LIV nightclub Saturday. Looking fab in a little yellow dress, she called his name and danced in front of him. But when he didn’t respond, Hudson walked away.

So what stopped Kate from invading someone else’s turf? Madonna’s BFFs Ingrid Casares and Gwyneth Paltrow were reportedly sent there to keep a watchful eye.

A defeated A-Rod and Co. had to settle for a few drinks followed by a sushi run at Blade. The only tail they had was one that was covered in seaweed and rice.

Faded Youth

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