Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bradley Goes Partying

Full marks have to go to Brad Pitt for actually letting his hair down at the premiere of his new movie last night.

Most stars don't even turn up to the afterparties at premieres, let alone actually relax and enjoy themselves with the other guests at the bash.

So it's great to see Brad, 45, getting stuck into the beers after the red carpet screening of his new film The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button in Berlin.

The actor started early, and was spotted sneaking out the back door of the screening clutching a beer followed by his wife Angelina Jolie.

Later on, he looked considerably refreshed at the afterparty as he enthusiastically moved on to champagne.

At the moment it's more like a matter of The Curious Case of Brad Pitt's Grooming with his Great Gatsby side parting and moustache.

This Is London

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ecrunner said...

photos are horrible!! Is anyone else tired of hearing about Poor Pitiful Brad??!! So what is is getting old and so what if he wants to get eaten by a shark, can we please move on to something more interesting?!