Friday, January 30, 2009

Chace To Lindsay: Loser And A Long Island Trash

An inside source revealed to us that this past weekend Lindsay Lohan was in town in our beloved NYC and by the looks of the details we heard it sounds like she was using this weekend retreat to escape her lover (or soon to be ex) Sam Ronson. Lindsay was out partying and ended up late night at Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick’s apartment in Chelsea. Lindsay was a sloppy wasted and drugged up mess and was attempting to hookup with Chace. Chace kept calling her a loser and Long Island trash and to stay away from him. If Chase was actually into her I wonder if she would have cheated on Sam?! Meanwhile, Ed and Jessica Szohr were hot and heavy (seams like their relationship is going strong). One surprising tidbit we heard was that there is a role reversal in real life for this couple. Turns out Jessica Szor is a raging party girl that gets wasted and often times needs to be escorted home by Ed, while Ed is more pulled together. That seems to be the exact opposite of his character Chuck who is constantly high and wasted and a mess since his father passed away on the show.


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