Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How Stupid Is Jessica Alba?

It's a blessing Jessica Alba made a career out of wearing bathing suits and spandex in terrible movies, because homegirl would've made a horrible and embarrassing journalist.

(Although her bank account probably isn't crying any tears she chose "acting")

At some Inaugural party in D.C., (where thankfully Alba knew it was Obama she was supporting) she tried to get all Snarky McSnark on a journalist who just wanted a low-maintenance sound bite from the actress. Check out the video on here.

Instead she cut him off immediately and said: "Can I ask you a question? This is for my blog." and whipped out her phone and started taping. (Jessica Alba has a blog? HA!)

"What do you think is Barack's greatest characteristic going into office?" she said.

When the shaken journalist said it was probably best he didn't answer -- seeing as he's on the clock and all -- Alba tried to make a funny and said:

"Be neutral! Be Sweden about it!"

The journalist was a gentleman and too polite to bother correcting her, but we're not. It's Switzerland, Jessica. Switzerland.

In her defense, both countries do start with the letter "S" and they're both in Europe. At least she didn't say Sudan. Or Singapore.


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